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    We are Independent Business Consultants and are not a corporate Nature's Sunshine website. If you already have an active Membership please contact Nature's Sunshine Products of Canada directly. We do not knowingly service existing Members sponsored by others. More here: About Us

    4 Ways To Contact Us

    • Best - Use the Contact Form On the Right.  
    • Text Message (SMS): text us at 1-877-510-4004
    • Email us at: info[at] We will reply the same business day.
    • Snail Mail:  #26003 RPO Speedvale Ave, Guelph, ON, N1E-6W1

    Important Notes.

    We do not sell in Canada any NSP products sold in the US. Those are not licensed for resale in Canada.

    We cannot and will not give medical advice over the phone or via other channels. Please see our Terms for more info.

    Thanks for understanding.