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AG-C (100 caps)

Nature's Sunshine

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    • Combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) ingredients.
    • In TCM this formula is related to the earth element.
    • Excess conditions in TCM.

How It Works

Nature’s Sunshine’s Chinese herbal combinations are based on 5000 years of Chinese herbal tradition. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), which includes the use of herbal medicine, continues to provide primary healthcare throughout Asia even in these modern times. Did you know? AG-C is considered an earth formula. The earth element in TCM philosophy is related to the digestion, the stomach and spleen. The therapeutic principle for relieving the excess earth element is called xiao dao, which can be translated to mean “clear the congestion.” According to TCM, earth people are nurturing, sympathetic, helpful and caring. They are also prone to worry, stress and burnout as they tend to take on too much.


Medicinal Ingredients: Each capsule contains Agastache rugosa (huo xiang) herb top 43 mg, Crataegus pinnatifida (shan zha) fruit 43 mg, Magnolia officinalis (hou po) aged bark 43 mg, Oryza sativa (dao) seed 43 mg, Wolfiporia extensa (fu ling) sclerotium 43 mg, Citrus reticulata (ju) fruit peel 32 mg, Cyperus rotundus (xiangfu) rhizome 32 mg, Panax ginseng (ren shen) root 32 mg, Typhonium flagelliforme (rhizoma typhonii flagelliformis) rhizome 32 mg, Uncaria rhynchophylla (gou teng) stem 32 mg, Hordeum vulgare (da mai) fruit 30 mg, Amomum villosum (sha ren) fruit 27 mg, Atractylodes macrocephala (bai zhu) rhizome 27 mg, Inula britannica (inula) flower 27 mg, Zingiber officinale (jiang) rhizome 21 mg, Glycyrrhiza uralensis (gan cao) root 16 mg, Prunus armeniaca (shen qu) seed 4 mg, Artemisia annua (qing hao) herb top 2 mg, Persicaria lapathifolia (pale persicaria) whole plant 2 mg, Vigna umbellata (shen qu) seed 2 mg and Xanthium sibiricum (shen qu) whole plant 2 mg. Non-medicinal Ingredient: Gelatin.

Recommended Use

Dosage (adults): Take three capsules three times daily with a meal. For prolonged use consult a practitioner.

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