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AIVIA MCT Powder (266 G)

Nature's Sunshine


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Introducing Aivia MCT Powder from Nature's Sunshine!

Clean, natural, healthy fats that facilitate the production of ketones in the body—the primary source of energy for Keto dieters.

  • A source of exogenous ketones providing clean burning fuel for energy.
  • A source of dietary medium chain triglycerides (MCTs). It combines the two most efficient ketone-converting fatty acids (8-carbon [caprylic acid] and 10-carbon [capric acid]) from pure, non-GMO, virgin coconut oil, the richest source of MCTs.
  • Suitable addition to ketogenic, carbohydrate-restriction and calorie-restriction weight-loss diets.
  • Powdered form is odourless and flavourless. Convenient and easy to add to beverages and foods.
  • Vegan, keto-friendly, non-GMO.

How it Works

Healthier Fats, Healthier You AIVIA MCT Powder was formulated by herbal experts to be as simple and clean as possible, while providing the healthiest and most effective fats – Capric acid (C10) and Caprylic acid (C8) – derived from non-GMO coconut oil, to help you achieve your ketogenic goals. The smooth, rich, creamy taste of AIVIA MCT Powder is sure to enhance your food, coffee or protein shake while providing wonderful health benefits.

Recommended Use

Mix two scoops (9 g) with a protein shake, smoothie or other food/beverage of choice.Take one to two servings per day.


Medium chain triglycerides (MCTs) from modified coconut oil (8-carbon [caprylic acid] and 10-carbon[capric acid]), gum arabic and silicon dioxide.

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