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Chromium GTF (500 mcg) (90 tabs)

Nature's Sunshine

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  • Works with insulin to metabolize sugar and may help relieve symptoms of hypoglycemia.
  • May help prevent some people with mild glucose intolerance from developing diabetes.

How It Works

Although there is only the smallest amount of chromium stored in an adult body (less than six milligrams), this trace mineral plays a vital role in several life-sustaining cellular processes essential for maintaining good health, proper weight and normal blood sugar levels. Specifically, chromium is a co-factor in regulating blood sugar levels. Together with insulin it plays a role in protein metabolism and aids in fat breakdown.

The North American processed-food diet makes it difficult to maintain adequate stores of chromium. In fact, processed foods and foods high in sugar and simple carbohydrates deplete chromium stores because they add sugar and carbohydrates to the blood stream but do not, in themselves, supply the chromium that helps to regulate blood sugar levels.


Each tablet contains: 500 mcg of chromium (chromium amino acid chelate) in a base of red clover tops and yarrow flowers.

Nature’s Sunshine Canada Recommended Use:

Take one tablet daily with a meal. For therapeutic use. 

CAUTION: Do not consume Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) during pregnancy or while nursing.

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