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Psyllium (100 capsules)

Nature's Sunshine



  • Gives bulk volume and water content to the stools to promote elimination.
  • A herbal laxative which provides gentle relief of constipation and/or irregularity.

How It Works:

Psyllium Seeds is a bulk laxative supplement. Psyllium is a mucilaginous herb, whose tiny flea-shaped seeds (greek psylla means flea) can swell up to 14 times their original size when soaked in water. Psyllium seeds are derived from the native East Indian plantain. Psyllium seeds contain 10-30 percent mucilage. This mucilage lubricates and cleanses the areas through which it passes acting like a colon "broom," cleansing the intestines as it comes in contact with the waslls of the intestines.


Medicinal Ingredients: Each capsule contains Plantago ovata (psyllium) seeds 600 mg. Non-medicinal Ingredients: Gelatin.

Recommended Use:

Dosage:Children and Adolescents (6-12 years):Take 1 capsule 3 times daily with a glass of water (250 mL).  Adolescents (13 and over) and Adults:Take 2 capsules 3 times daily with a glass of water (250 mL). Effects observed 12-24 hours after first dose and may take 2-3 days. Maintain adequate fluid intake. Take 2 hours before or after taking other medications.

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