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Support Your Blood Pressure Naturally

Support your blood pressure naturally!

Looking to find an effective blood pressure natural remedy? I assume you already know that hypertension is a true epidemic. Tens of millions of people in America have high blood pressure.

Their hearts must work much harder to pump blood!

This may have a plethora of serious consequences.
Heart failure, stroke, coronary heart disease, aneurysm, cerebral hemorrhage and so on and so forth. Scary!

My brother was once in those millions

Not anymore.
He used to take blood pressure pills.
He was told he would take them for life.

His blood pressure (and high cholesterol) has been brought under control through changes in diet and lifestyle. This was not easy for a professional truck drivers who lives his life on the road.

But today he is healthy and has normal blood pressure and cholesterol.
What kind of “secret” high blood pressure natural remedy did he use?

There is no secret. Just read on.

Borderline blood pressure?

Then you are the perfect candidate for high blood pressure natural remedy. It will work. But just taking something, while it may seem easy, won’t do a lot for you. You must be willing to do what’s right. Lifestyle and food, that is.

What is “borderline”?

In short: 140/90 is considered borderline blood pressure.
This level does not necessarily warrant drugs, drugs and more drugs.
In fact many non-drug therapies (diet, exercise, herbs) have proven superior to drugs in case of borderline to mild hypertension.
Lucky for my bro! Even though he was way more than borderline!

The single most important factor

…in lowering blood pressure naturally is attaining correct body weight. Your diet MUST be aimed at reducing your weight AND assisting your body blood pressure regulation.

This includes the following factors:

  • low sodium-potassium ratio (reduce salt intake)
  • low sugar intake
  • high fiber foods (veggies! veggies!)
  • no saturated fats and trans-fats

I might add here, that my brother religiously followed his own plan.
Right foods, no truck-stop-meals, very little sugar.

Did you know that herbs lowering cholesterol are also useful as high blood pressure cures?

Still smoking?

Hope you said “no”. Smoking, coffee, alcohol, lack of exercise must be dealt with properly.
My brother has never been a heavy smoker, nevertheless it was not easy for him to quit, yet he did!
He exercised whenever he could, also while traveling.

His blood pressure remedies?

He used more than one  remedy, simultaneously, as a program.
Below is the list: (you probably do not that many)

  • Omega-3
  • Calcium-Magnesium 
  • High Potency Garlic
  • Hawthorn

This is not to say you should "copy and paste" and follow this list blindly.

See your heath care practitioner to tailor your program to your needs. And, of course discuss it with your doc.


Consult your doctor before using any of the above if you are currently taking any prescription medication. Do not discontinue use of any prescription medication without your doctor’s knowledge and approval. Nothing written or portrayed in this website should be taken as prescription, diagnoses or a substitute for consultation with a competent medical doctor. For educational purposes only.