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Flu Is Easy To Beat! Natural Flu Remedies.

First, a bit about flu...

It is commonly accepted that there are no cures per se for flu.

That said, many natural flu remedies are useful to reduce symptoms and to end the flu quickly.

My family and I never use any over the counter flu or cold medications. They are no more effective that the honey, and... could be dangerous.

My daughter’s swine flu.

In the winter 2009 during so-called H1N1 pandemic my 13 year old daughter came down with typical symptoms of the flu.

We were told to assume this was the swine flu, as only the swine flu virus had been present in the country at the time.

We used exclusively natural flu remedies from Dr Common Sense.

She was fine 2 days later.

Not bad, if you consider that influenza, even treated, can last up to three weeks.

What is the flu?

Flu, also known as influenza, is a very highly contagious viral infection that enters the respiratory tract.

Flu is brought on by specific group of influenza viruses. The strains of the virus are constantly changing, from season to season, and during the season. This is why vaccinations are only partially successful, if at all.
And this why natural flu remedies should always be on hand.
The illness can be spread easily through coughing and sneezing. Therefore flue outbreaks, epidemics, pandemics are commonplace.

Flu symptoms


The early symptoms of the flu are somewhat like those in the common cold. Following several days of incubation they appear quite suddenly and include fever, pains and aches in the arms, legs, and back, headache and general weakness.

Chills and dry cough are typical for the flu, although the coughing, while mild on the onset, may become severe as the illness progresses.

Natural remedies work best when used early, with the first sign of trouble.

Flu and common cold. What’s the difference?

Well, quite a bit. Even though the common cold is also a viral infection, it is not as contagious. The virus that causes it limits its presence to the upper respiratory tract. That is: oral and nasal passages and the sinuses.

The common cold is a short-term episode. Early dry cough becomes “wet” with lot of phlegm. This is how the body attempts to flush the virus out. Runny nose with clear mucus, frequent sneezing turns into congestion (sensation of being stuffed up).

Fever unlike in the flu, is usually absent. Headache is typical for a sinus type of headache. Weakness is mild.

All that in mind, flu remedies work well with the common cold.
Read on.

Influenza can be dangerous!

It’s rarely fatal per se, but it may lead to inflammation of the lungs (pneumonia), ear infection etc. or complications due to preexisting conditions.

Natural Flu Remedies

OK let’s jump for a quick review of flu natural remedies that in my opinion are worth your while. You don’t really need a whole lot.
Just stick with one or two.
And remember – stay in bed, get plenty of rest, drink a lot of fluid, perspire if you can, take your remedies.

You’ll be fine.

And now, finally:

Effective Remedies That Work!

Vitamin C is an essential flu natural remedy.
The recommended amount is between 5,000 and 10,000 mg daily in divided dosages. 

Some people are prone to diarrhea with large doses. This is unlikely however if you combine the vitamin with calcium. Use caution if you’re diabetic (no mega dosing).

Vitamin C appears to concentrate in the white blood cells, which are responsible for fighting off the invaders.

Nano-silver: effective natural flu remedy. Nano particles of silver solution appear to have very interesting characteristics. Unlike colloidal silver or ionic silver this is an AG 404 (a silver atom has missing 2 electrons in its outer shell, or orbit) it can destroy thousand of times more pathogens.

Reputable labs at the University of Georgia, Kansas State University, University of Arizona and others completed research supporting nano-silver’s use in fighting pathogens. This includes viruses.

We've got a page about nano-silver, originally written for our Canadian friends, but you too can learn something new (or so I hope) about this cool, effective supplement.

Olive Leaf Extract – proven natural flu remedy - famous in Europe and christened there as a natural antibiotic. It fights bacterial and viral infections by disrupting their growth, without harming the beneficial bacteria. There is evidence that Olive Leaf may stimulate the activity of specialized cells in the immune system.

Choose the extract that’s has been standardized to 12% of Oleuropein (check the link above).
Olive Leaf Extract - you may want to notice - is also slightly hypotensive (tends to lower one's blood pressure) and may be effective for varicose veins as well!

My wife successfully used it (in addition to other herbs) to treat her terrible respiratory allergies years ago.

Echinacea and Goldenseal widely recognized as excellent natural flu remedies. These are popular herbs used in strengthening immune system function.

Tincture is recommended for children. You can use 10 drops in water every 3 hours, until symptoms are gone.
This tincture needs to be taken at first signs of the flu or cold (works for the common cold too). The same combination in a capsule form is more suitable for adults.
These two herbs combined together will also fight a common cold!

So it's really worth it to have a bottle or two at hand...

Flu natural remedies from Chinese Herbology

There are certain Chinese herbs used also by the modern western herbalists, that are very useful in treating chronic and acute viral infections.

Look for an herbal combination that includes herbs such as indigo, thlaspi, purslane, bupleurum, scute, pinellia. These herbs have been very effective in fighting infections, according to the Chinese.


I find in my own practice that these herbs are indeed priceless.

Incidentally, I would recommend this herbal tincture for chronic viral condition as well. Examples include herpes and hepatitis.


Consult your doctor before using any of the above if you any prescription medication. Do not discontinue use of any prescription medication without your doctor’s knowledge and approval. Nothing written or portrayed in this website should be taken as prescription, diagnoses or a substitute for consultation with a competent medical doctor. For educational purposes only.