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Breath easy again. Natural Asthma Support.

Let me begin with this question: Have you ever heard the saying “the straw that broke the camel’s back”?

The straw that broke the camel’s back

Natural remedies for asthma are the approach to asthma (and respiratory allergies for that matter) that can be viewed as an attempt to remove as many straws as possible and save the camel’s back!

By removing straws I understand removing allergens in the food and air.

Saving the camel’s back means asthma natural remedies that can help reduce the allergic response.

First, remove the obstacles to heal then assist the body in healing.

It’s good to employ natural remedies in healing asthma.
But removal of allergens needs to be done at the same time.

I am an asthma sufferer

I perfectly know what an asthma attack feels like.

young boy using asthma inhaler child asthmatic model released

In my childhood years I suffered form asthma and repeated cases of pneumonia and acute bronchitis.

I was lucky.
My asthma has been cured with moderate exercise alone (some weight lifting – believe it or not).

I have experienced no episode of asthma since I was 16.
Therefore I know that asthmatics should engage in reasonable physical activity.

Typical asthma attack

My asthma attacks were typical: difficult breathing and wheezing, coughing and “tight” chest due to restricted airflow.

My asthma was chronic with an irregular pattern of remissions.

My parents always had a medicine called Allergasthmin handy. It would quickly bring me relief from asthma attack.
Many years later I learned that Allergasthmin was actually derived from a Chinese herb Ephedra (Ma Huang). I believe this medicine was my own first ever encounter with natural remedies for asthma.

What is asthma?

Asthma is an allergic respiratory disorder with spasms of the bronchial tubes and excessive excretion of mucus in the lungs. The most severe cases of asthma may lead to a life-threatening inability to breathe.

The muscular spasms, together with increased mucus, are brought about by histamine produced by the body’s immune system during an allergic response.

What causes asthma?

Although the exact cause of asthma remains unknown, the number of people suffering from asthma is on the rise. It’s gone up dramatically in recent years.

Some possible reason of asthma include:
inherited predisposition, chemical pollution of air, water and food, increased stress on the immune system, hypersensitivity reaction of the immune system.

Three types of asthma

- Extrinsic asthma - due to an external allergy, this represents the most common type.
The offending allergens are suspended in the air in the form of dust pollen, smoke, smog, animal dander.

- Intrinsic asthma – or non-allergic type is due to underlying, chronic, recurrent infection of the bronchi, sinuses, tonsils, adenoids.
Some evidence suggests that this type comes from hypersensitivity to the bacteria causing the infection

- Third type is a combination of extrinsic and intrinsic factors.

There’s also a sub-type of asthma called cardiac asthma, which is the result of malfunctioning heart. Some natural remedies can play a supporting role in asthma treatment.

Natural remedies for asthma – removing straws

First and foremost: eliminate food allergies and food additives. In childhood asthma this is frequently all that’s needed.

Milk is a killer, if you have asthma, because it is a mucus forming food.
I know it’s been sold to you that milk is a must and that it is impossible for children to properly grow without it.

Here’s my take. I say this is a bold lie.
My children are growing up, healthy and happy without milk.

There are numerous ways to provide calcium in the diet. My house is milk-free. And so it shall be forever.

Other major culprits in asthma are: corn, wheat, citrus, peanuts, eggs, chocolate and preservatives.


Airborne allergens are difficult to avoid entirely.
You will always be exposed to some degree to car exhaust, dust mites.

Even if Canada (where I live) decides to execute the last surviving smoker, chances are you still may get exposed to a second-hand.

But steps can be taken to reduce exposure.

Get rid of carpets, install an air purifier, make your bedroom as allergy-proof as possible, encase the mattress, invest in a good vacuum cleaner (most have health-damaging side effects for asthmatics).

Buy indoor plants, buy many, for home and office.
This may your only way to combat allergens at work.

Natural remedies for asthma – strengthening the camel’s back

You may combine them. In fact, you should.

Some asthma natural remedies I cover below can be found in ready to use combination formulas.

Omega 3 - take a supplemental Omega 3 AND decrease animal fat intake at the same time.
This will almost immediately result in reduction if inflammatory-allergic response. Therefore it needs to be included in your asthma natural remedies.
Do not settle for a cheap Omega 3 supplements. They may not work. We're fighting for your health here!

Magnesium - will promote relaxation of the bronchial smooth muscles. Very important!
This will result in easier breathing. 

Anti-oxidants -  these nutrients are invaluable in all allergic and inflammatory health issues.
They are said to provide important defence against most respiratory ailments.
There are many anti-oxidant preparations available in open market, including the vitamins.

Support your adrenals – this may boost natural cortisone levels.

This are particularly important if you have been on corticosteroids (such as prednisone).

Lobelia - this herb is safe and very effective. It relaxes the smooth muscles of upper respiratory tract.
It is considered a bronchodilator and a very effective expectorant.
Lobelia has been used in Western Herbology for asthma, allergies, chronic bronchitis.
It’s good even for children (in small dosages). It will ease even teething pain.

Quercetin – this bioflavonoid has certain benefits in treating asthma naturally. It appears to inhibit the release of histamine to cellular receptors, thus reducing the allergic-inflammatory response.

Bitter Orange combined with bromelain and quercetin belongs to less known asthma natural remedies.


In closing -  Talk to your doc to see which asthma natural remedies you can add to your personal treatment regimen.


Consult your doctor before using any of the above if you are currently taking any prescription medication. Do not discontinue use of any prescription medication without your doctor’s knowledge and approval. Nothing written or portrayed in this website should be taken as prescription, diagnoses or a substitute for consultation with a competent medical doctor. For educational purposes only.