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  • Marshmallow’s mucilaginous properties are well known to soothe mucous membranes. Marshmallow relieves inflammation and irritation of the digestive, urinary and respiratory systems.
  • Aids the body in expelling excess fluid and mucus.
  • Marshmallow has traditionally been used to help eliminate kidney stones and reduce the pain associated with them.
  • Marshmallow may help to counteract the effects of excess stomach acid.
  • Traditionally used for bronchial congestion, dry coughs, fluid retention, intestinal disorders, kidney problems, painful urination, and sore throat.

Marshmallow in a herbal form might sound unusual to someone unfamiliar with herbology, but long before the white squishy balls were sitting on supermarket shelves, the plant was growing in marshes.
The plant is a member of the Mallow family, which prefers to live in wet places like marshes, hence the name. It grows widely around the world, and is found in the western U.S.A. The modern confection has none of the plant in it, but in times past, the boiled roots were used to make marshmallows.
Served as a vegetable, the plant was considered a delicacy among the Romans.
In France, the young tops and leaves are eaten uncooked in salads. Its high mucilage content makes it an appropriate supplement for the respiratory system where it soothes irritated mucous membranes.