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Zambroza. The Most Powerful Anti-Oxidant.

The Ultimate Skeptic

I remember when I was first introduced to Zambroza  back in 2004.
My genes of the Ultimate Skeptic, I once used to be, came back to action. My first thought was something along these lines: Really? Is there a chance I am looking at yet another overpriced fruit juice? Et cetera, ad nauseam.

But I Decided To Give It a Try

As a herbalist I knew what I needed to know about antioxidants. I knew what they did for your body and how they benefited you in many ways. I’ve also come to trust the manufacturer (Nature’s Sunshine) through my work in the office and my personal/family experience.

After all, if not for all these herbs, we would still be without children (and how about grandchildren?), not to mention my wife deadly allergies, my brother’s cholesterol and blood pressure, my friends and clients etc.

Long story short, I decided to give it a try. I religiously consumed 1 shot glass of this incredibly delicious nectar (“the nectar” is how I’ve been referring to as this mangosteen drink ever since) every single day.

All this coincided with a very bad episode of my gout.   

Couple of months later I have noticed that my gout has not returned for a while.

Could it be Zambroza? Well, intrigued by this possibility I kept on drinking the juice, religiously, every day, twice a day.

I did appear at the time that my gout had forgotten all about me, so.., one day I decided to have a big juicy steak with a jug of my favorite Guinness!

So, what happened then?


Although every gout patient reading this page perfectly knows what I was risking!

Now, honestly, I drink no alcohol (I haven’t been drinking at all since June 12, 2009 when I had my last (?) Guinness) and I do watch my diet and lifestyle.
Instead I do drink this purple stuff. I believe that this antioxidant nectar helped tremendously to combat my gout.

How can this be?

I think that my success with gout (even if Zambroza was only one of several steps I had taken) may be due to anti-inflammatory properties of the mangosteen fruit.

We are a big family and everyone just loves the taste of it.
It tastes like old, good French wine, when chilled. I have no trouble to talk them into drinking the nectar. I do not even have to!

They Just Do Not Get Sick!

Who? My kids, neither do we. No longer afraid of colds what not…

Numerous people who ordered it from us tell similar stories.

One medical doctor tells me about an explosion of energy that she experienced, and she certainly needed that every day when she must see her 50 patients.

The Guy Who Repairs Cars

An automotive shop owner, who works and lives in a place surrounded  by  old abandoned farm fields that wait to be developed, had had terrible allergies. The fields have been covered with weeds!

His allergies were pretty stubborn, yet 1 year of drinking Zambroza – he says – was all that was needed to get rid of the symptoms.

The Woman Going Bald (almost)

A young lady (in her thirties) was losing her hair “like crazy” (her won words); The mangosteen juice (according to her) stopped that tragedy.

For Kids Too!

A young lad with bad acne, afraid that no girlfriend will ever get up close, had cleared his face up pretty nice within weeks.

Another boy (11 years of age) who suffered from migraine headaches has found relief in this supplement.That happened quite by accident, his parents had ordered it in order to improve his immunity.

And.. my old 4 year old grandson, James, he loves the taste of Zambroza and calls it... the Grandpa's Medicine...

What Will the Mangosteen Juice Do For You?

I suppose by now you noticed I skipped all the scientific stuff. Not that it’s not important or something. It is likely that you have already educated yourself about the science of antioxidants from other sources in the course of your research.

Yes, I decided to share with you my own “been there, done that”.

And here is a video and some more info.