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Beat Cholesterol. Here's How.

Kill the silent killer

Natural remedies work wonders when combined with right foods. This is where you start your therapy: dietary changes.


Let’s do a quick review of natural cholesterol killers that have been proven to lead to desired results.

The Alpha and the Omega

Which is better, the fish or the fish extract a.k.a. Omega-3 oil?
Research evidence supplies clear answer.

The fish IS better. The recommended fish includes: salmon, mackerel, herring. (They are all good, unless you “got gout”). Whole fish appears to have an additional benefit: it has a slight blood-thinning effect. The platelets in the blood don’t stick as much when you eat a lot of fish.

Contamination of environment is of concern these days. Many people prefer good omega-3 supplements made of fish (such as salmon), that is both mercury- and PCB-free.

There are numerous well controlled studies that have shown omega-3 oil is beneficial for the heart.

It is pretty clear that omega-3 can rise the “good cholesterol” (HDL). It can lower triglycerides as well.
It would appear that this is precisely what has happened to my brother!.

Hence they are rightfully recognized as important cholesterol remedies.

To successfully combat your elevated cholesterol levels you will need up to 10 grams of omega-3 daily.

Essential Fatty Acids? Am I eating fat and acids?

How can they even be considered good, let alone essential!

Omega oils is a common term that refers to EFAs, or Essential Fatty Acids. The terms have been taken from the chemistry of these compounds.

“Fatty” simply means: soluble in fat (or oil). “Acid” comes from the last organic molecule attached to EFA.

They are “essential” because your body won’t manufacture them, it needs them in the diet.

Fish or Pumpkin

You see, omega-3 is not technically “fish oil” because fish is not the sole source. Omega-3 is found in plants as well, such as pumpkin or canola.
is also more economical than fish oil. It provides also omega-6 and omega-9.

Essential Fatty Acids provide uncounted benefits. Let’s look at those that make them the primary natural cholesterol remedies.

EFAs assist in prostaglandin production!

Prosta What?

Long story short – prostaglandins are substances that regulate many cellular functions in all bodily tissues.

Some prostaglandins affect the muscle tone in the blood vessels.

Some lower blood pressure. Some other relax coronary arteries.

Some prevent blood cells from sticking together.

Is North America the world?

Well, if North America is THE world, then in today’s world the population is omega-3 deficient.

Many reasons why. I won’t discuss this in here.
The bottom line is that everyone requires Omega-3 to a certain extent. People with high cholesterol do require more than others.


Consult your doctor before using any of the above if you are currently taking any prescription medication. Do not discontinue use of any prescription medication without your doctor’s knowledge and approval. Nothing written or portrayed in this website should be taken as prescription, diagnoses or a substitute for consultation with a competent medical doctor. For educational purposes only.